With a new, refreshed logo comes a renewed approach to marketing. American Airlines' business went up for grabs and The Martin Agency joined in the pitch.

A big challenge for the design team was making our strategy visually stand out from the competition. To achieve this, in addition to creating visual deliverables for the campaing, we cranked out a full publication and presentation; further exploring what it means to be a pioneer of today.

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Agency: The Martin Agency
Creative Directors: Danny Robinson and Chris Peel
Designers: Marco Piedy and Katie Huhn

NOTE: This work was executed exclusively for the pitch. Martin did not end up winning the business so consequently, all this work was lost in the churn and burn of the fast-paced world of advertising *thumbs down*


New Campaign Brand Vocabulary:



Publication created to help better decipher Martin's market insights, strategy as well as media objectives and strategy. All images are Getty Images, pulled strictly for comp purposes.



Presentation visually exploring what it means to be a pioneer of today. All images are Getty Images used strictly for comps.